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Is Not
Mary Lafleur
But This Is
Mary Lafleur's

And is this Mary Lafleur? In 1996, yes!

Mary Lafleur was a published poet, songwriter and talented performer who passed away in October 2007 after a strenuous fight with recurrent breast cancer. Her intelligence, warmth and humor are preserved in her recordings and published poetry. Her recordings were honored with many national awards and her poetry was published in several prestigious children's magazines. Mary's family, friends, fans and members of writing and children's performance communities across the United States are dedicated to keeping her work alive for generations to come. Click on these links to read and hear her POETRY, RIDDLES and MUSIC. We believe you and the children you love will bless the day you discovered her talents just like we have.

Purchase Mary Lafleur's recordings for the young people in your life!
Click on CDbaby to listen and order a CD or a full CD MP3 download or see major MP3 downloading companies like iTunes Mary Lafleur to purchase individual songs, poems and riddles.

For more information about Mary's work and recordings contact:
Safari Records, PO Box 1600004, Nashville, TN 37216

Watch for updates on this site as the people who loved and admired Mary
work together to put more of her treasured work on CD and MP3.

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