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Mary Lafleur performed her original music and poetry in such diverse places as the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, the Children's Museum of Manhattan, the Zoofari Festival in Tulsa, and The Caves in St. Paul, as well as schools, libraries, bookstores, coffee houses, and community centers in twenty states.


Mary's unique blend of improvisational musical theatre and performance poetry was one of a kind. By putting the children at the center of each performance, Mary tooks audience participation to a new level. No two shows were ever alike! Whether it was Mama Bear shouting "I know who ate the porridge!" or The Little Red Hen asking, "Who will help me mail the wheat?" each audience creates its own fun.

The stage was set: a story-teller/poet, a guitar, and a menagerie of props. Add a few willing participants, and she created pure magic.

Volunteers helped act out new stories about pirates and train rides, and re-examine classic tales such as "The Little Red Hen," "Goldilocks," and "Little Red Riding Hood." Songs were interspersed by a variety of riddles and poetry. By varying the songs, riddles and poetry, concerts she geared her performances for ages 3-10.

Where She's Been


What They Said About
"Pink Elephants Live"

Dear Mary,

I can't begin to tell you how excited we were to have you come to Monroe School! We sang your songs several times a day for weeks on end. Your stories, songs and poems brought out smiles and imaginations alike. Thanks so much for the wonderful concert. The children LOVED being involved as they performed with you on stage. If that wasn't enough, your presence in our classroom helping with journals and letting us sing for you had the kids talking for weeks after you left! I would and do recommend your show to ALL! Hope to see you again next year! Have a GREAT summer!

Greg Pink, Monroe Early Childhood Center, Cedar Rapids, IA, 2005


Dear Mary,

Thank you for coming to Tazewell-Woodford Head Start and entertaining us. I hope that we will be able to work something out for you to come back sometime. The staff, children and families all had an awesome time. We really enjoy the way that you get everyone involved in your songs, especially the childdren. What a delightfully fun time we had. We hope to see you again.

Alice Dyer, Literary Specialist, Tazewell-Woodford Head Start, Peoria, IL, 2006

Dear Mary,

Each year our library plans special entertainment programs during Childern's Summer Reading. Your musical tunes and animated songs were enjoyed by all who attended the programs. You couldn't help but start your toes tapping, hands clapping and sing along with simple, yet thoughtful, songs about animals, friendships, and love. Thank you, Mary, for the delightful experience.

Nancy Olinger, Project Director, Cedar Rapids Public Library, Cedar Rapids, IA, 2006

Dear Mary,

Thank-you so much for the wonderfully entertaining program you presented to my Kindergarten and First Graders. Your voice is so pure and clear and the children just loved all your puppets and props. Your songs are "group-friendly" and my students loved singing with you and your just-challenging-enough riddles! It was great fun for them to see their classroom teachers dressed up in wigs and blowing train whistles. Thank-you for a wonderful time!

Doni Princehorn, Lower School Music Teacher, University School of Nashville, 2005


Considering the large number of children Mary had with the 3-4 year old group, it was quite impressive how engaged they all were.

Carol D., Head of the Caedmon School, New York, NY, 1995

One of the 3rd-graders described her as 'wicked awesome.'

Don M., Principal, Meadow School, Belchertown, MA, 1995

Dear Mary,

Thanks so much for singing for us. You had great rapport with the children. They said it was the best assembly they'd been to.

Your voice is strong, clear and melodic, and your fun sense of humor is evident in your songs and poems. You touch the essence of children, which is a love of fun, suspense, and learning in your poems, riddles and songs. May the Lord bless you and yours from His abundance.

In Him,

Lynn A., teacher, Covenant School, Charlottesville, VA, 1995

The clever riddles and inviting tunes keep the entire audience on the edge of their seats during this exciting musical adventure.

Betty Q., Children's Museum, Bettendorf, IA, 1994

Mary's energy is contagious!

Mary C., Tulsa Zoo, 1995

Mary's involvement of children in the songs and the use of simple props helped capture the children's attention. It also gave some of them the opportunity to be 'on-stage' in a non-threatening situation. I would recommend her performance to any other daycare or school.

Marcia H., Daycare Director, Early Childhood Specialist, Metro Parent-child Center, Cedar Rapids, IA, 1994

Dear Ms. Lafleur:

My two sons and I thoroughly enjoyed your Pink Elephant Concert on April 11 at the Corporate Parkway Branch Library.

Perhaps you may remember my sons. One was the dog in your version of "The Little Red Hen." My youngest son made himself very comfortable on your guitar case!

At the end of the program, Miss M. C. mentioned that you had tapes for sale. Do you still have these available? I don't remember why I didn't purchase them at the time.

Please let me know if they are still available. Thanks so much.


Kathy J, MO, 1996


Dear Mary,

Thank you for entertaining us with your poetry and music. The children had a wonderful time -- almost as good as the teachers! I love the fact that you incorporate poetry and riddles with the music. Sometimes it's hard to turn kids on to poetry -- I have been trying to excite the kids during summer school. You sure gave me a helping hand!

My own children love your tape.

Thanks again --

Kathy Behrmann, Rebecca Boone School, MO Summer of 1994

Dear Ms. Lafleur,

That was a graet show last Friday. I reale liked it. Thank you. The puppets were funny!

Tiffany Alison, MS, 1996

Dear Mrs. Lafleur,

I loved your show and I like when we play Gooldylocks and the three bears and little red hen and little red riding hood.

From Davelyn, MS, 1996

Dear Mrs. Lafleur,

Thake you for the program But it was verey funey.

Kody F. MS, 1996

Dear Ms. Lafleur,

I've been composing this letter to you since I was on my way home from the children's program meeting in Cedar Rapids (3/19).

I'm willing to bet that I've listened to your tapes more than I've listened to any of our other kids' tapes in our quite abundant collection. Maybe I've been in my car too much lately... Hm-m.

Anyway, my 7-year-old daughter insists on hearing "The Little Red Hen" every time she hears your voice. My son, age 9, even sings along with the contagious lyrics! They are WONDERFUL!! "Yo Ho..."

I can't choose just one. I love the tender messages (Little Red Hen) and the tunes that keep running through one's head -- long after the music has stopped.

I plan to use the songs for children's story hour. The kids will manipulate puppets while you sing the stories! Thanks!

Please continue to make music -- it's charming!


Diane O'Kones, Iowa, 1997

I liked the way Mary focused all her attention on the children she was performing for.

Jean S. RI, 97

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