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(This is a website entry Mary wrote in approximately 2005.)

I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl. When I was about 10 my dad let me rip the rhyming dictionary pages out of the back of our heavy, gray, hardcover dictionary. That was a big vote of confidence!

For school, I wrote a haiku about how the dew on the grass looked like diamonds, and was chosen to put an illustrated poster of my poem up on the bulletin board. The next year our teacher announced a poetry contest and I wrote a 4-stanza rhyming poem, but forgot to turn it in. When she congratulated the boy one row over for winning and said "I guess some of this ten dollars should be mine, since I helped you write it" I wanted to slug the both of them.

In high school I entered the Dickinson State Poetry Contest and won first place for sophomores. My poem was even printed in the local paper.

This winter I wrote many animal riddle poems. Here is a good one for summer.

  A Pesky Riddle

  I am what I do.
  I am how I go.
  A bother to you?
  I shouldn't think so.
  It's only my feet
  Touching this, tasting that.
  It's not you I eat
  Like those pesky mos -- splat!
  What am I?

By Mary Lafleur, Copyright, All rights reserved.

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