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Mary Lafleur was a talented poet and songwriter. Her intelligence, warmth and humor are preserved in her published poetry and recordings. Her friends, family, fans and members of writing and children's performance communities across the United States are dedicated to keeping her work alive for generations to come. Please visit her poetry, riddle and music links. We think, like us, you and the children you love will bless the day you discovered her talents. You can hear and purchase her works for the young people in your life by clicking on the music link (above).

On October 19th, 2007 Mary Lafleur passed away from complications from recurring cancer. She's singing in a better place now. She will be missed.

Mary Lafleur, 50, died at her home Fri Oct 19, 2007 after a strenuous fight with recurrent breast cancer. She is survived by her husband of nearly 29 years, Philip, her daughters Rebecca and Lisa and her sons Jeff and Donald, as well as innumerable other relatives and friends.

Mary was born in ND to Norbert and Marjorie Lange (nee Foley), the 8th of 11 children. While attending Bismark High School she was Junior Class President, Student Body President as a senior, attended Girl's State and Girl's Nation. After graduation in 1975 she served in the US Navy. She received her BA in English from UND in 1983 and her MA from UK in 2004.

An accomplished poet, singer/songwriter and performer, Mary released a Christian music project as well as 5 children's music projects during her career. She also had poetry published in several prestigious children's magazines and wrote the words and music to accompany a children's video that won the Family Channel Seal of Approval. She also won other national awards including NAPPA Honors and the Parents' Choice Gold award twice. A memorial service was held at Apostles Anglican Church in Lexington KY on November 3, 2007. Mary's sisters, friends in the music industry and a good friend who produced her recordings will continue to market her music and poetry. Watch this site for updates.

(This is a website entry from Mary in 2006. She continued to write songs and poetry through 2007. As of October 2008, we are offering individual MP3 downloads and around the New Year Pink Elephants in Paris will be available on CD.)

In the fall of 2005, I collaborated with another children's performer,
Campfire Kev Holladay. We have written/produced songs around the theme of the 2006 Collaborative Summer Library Program: Paws, Claws, Scales and Tales . The songs are all about life with pets!
Listen (and/or buy it) at CD Baby

This is a picture of me with our new kitten, Ferguson.

This past November, I was also able to take a quick trip to Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. The photos below were taken by Greg Pink at Monroe Early Childhood School in Cedar Rapids. We are acting out Little Red Riding Hood!


    Here are concerts she performed in the summer of 2006:

  • June 18   Leave for MO/IA/MN to visit sisters, Pat Foster, Paula Schares, and Lisa Lange
  • June 27   Solon Public Library,  Solon, Iowa
  • June 28   Clegg Public Library,  Central City, Iowa
  • June 28   Anamosa Public Library,  Anamosa, Iowa
  • June 29   Cedar Rapids Public Library,  Cedar Rapids, Iowa    10:30 a.m.  Beems Auditorium
  • June 29   Cedar Rapids Public Library,  Cedar Rapids, Iowa    1:30 a.m.   Beems Auditorium
  • June 29   Cedar Rapids Public Library,  Cedar Rapids, Iowa   Beems Auditorium
  • June 30   Hopkinton Public Library,  Hopkinton, Iowa
  • June 31   Calvary Baptist Church,  Onslow, Iowa
  • July  5   Kisker Road Branch Library,  St. Charles, Missouri
  • July   5   Corporate Parkway Branch Library,  Wentzville, Missouri
  • July   6   Kathryn Linnemann Branch Library,  St. Charles, Missouri
  • July   6   Deer Run Branch Library,  Fallon, Missouri
  • July   7   Spencer Road Branch,  St. Peters, Missouri


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