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That's Lisa Kay and Don when we recorded "Goldilocks," on Pink Elephants. Lisa has sung on all four of my children's projects and Don has had guest appearances on two. Lisa is now living (if you can call grad school living) in Seattle and is in hot pursuit of a PhD in electrical engineering.

Don spent most of June, 2005 in Germany. He is on the left, with Martin in the middle and James on the right. Martin spent three weeks with us in the fall of 2004 and Don spent a few weeks with Martin this summer.

Rebecca and her husband Gordon have been married over five years. We visited them this summer and had a great time. They came for a visit this past spring and Rebecca read all of my new riddles and Gordon fixed our computers. Go Team!

In 2003, Philip, my husband, took a road trip with Don to visit several of our national parks out West. Here, they are at LegoLand in California. Philip is a physician assistant for the Public Health Service, but buys and sells Legos on ebay as a hobby.