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When I was twenty I gave a little boy up for adoption. His name is Jeff Kramer, and he hosts this site because he is a computer guru and owns part of a company, Polycot, in Austin, TX.

On September 16, 1996 I decided to celebrate his birthday by having a writer's day. I would write all day. I had never done that!

But I had been reading some book (?) by Hemingway (I'm sure I could look it up if I could find that notebook) and Ernest had been spattering his mss with Spanish phrases. I guess something in brain went "I can do that," and I wrote the poem "What's You're Favorite Word in French?" I do have favorite words, and pourquois really is my favorite.

After I wrote the poem and a few more in French and English I got this crazy idea that I could do a project in French and English, even though I can barely speak French. When I announced it in a newsletter a fan in Nashville offered to trade plane tickets for painting. And Voila! Philip was in PA school at Trevecca, so Lisa Kay and I went. We couldn't get a flight into or out of Paris, so we flew into Germany and out of London.

Jeff later went to Paris, and proposed to his girlfriend at the Eiffle Tower. They are getting married in the fall, 2005.

In the poem I say "A novel read by Hemingway," but it should probably read "A novel I read by Hemingway"!